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furniture Member Directory(Laminates)


[Ahmedabad, India]
Manufacturer and exporter of laminates, decorative laminates, laminated wooden flooring, laminates for decoration, high pressure decorative laminates, plain colour laminates, wood laminates, burl laminates, beech laminates, marble laminates, fantasy laminate, pearl laminates, stone laminate, metallic laminates, nuburl laminate, antique laminate, wooden flooring accessories, skirting for end floori.....


[Hapur, India]
We Are Manufacturer And Exporter Of Decorative Laminates. PRODUCTS : ? Merino Decorative Laminates :- -Standard Laminates -Merinoflex Postforming Laminates. -Merino Compact Laminates -Merino Fire Retardant Laminates -Merino Electrostatic Dissipative Laminates Laminates -METALAM. Merino Metallic Laminates -Merino Edge Banding Laminates -Merino Marker & Chalk Boards -Merino Drill/ Entr.....


[New Delhi, India]
We are one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of Decorative Laminates. Our main products are
Merino Decorative Laminates: Standard Laminates, Merinoflex Postforming Laminates, Merino Compact Laminates, Merino Fire Retardant Laminates, Merino Electrostatic Dissipative Laminates, METALAM Merino Metallic Laminates, Merino Edge Banding Laminates, Merino Marker & Chalk Boards, Merino Dril.....


[Delhi, India]
Decorative Laminates, HPL[High Pressure Laminates], Industrial laminates, Compact Laminates, Phenolic laminates, Copper clad laminates, Insulation laminates, Partition laminates, Door panel, Ply & Plyboard, MDF board, Prelaminated board, Glue, Exported by us - an ISO - 9002 Certified company from India......


[Ghaziabad Hapur, India]
Manufacturer and exporter of Merino Decorative Laminates:- Standard Laminates, Merinoflex Postforming Laminates, Merino Compact Laminates, Merino Fire Retardant Laminates, Merino Electrostatic Dissipative Laminates, METALAM. Merino Metallic Laminates, Merino Edge Banding Laminates, Merino Marker & Chalk Boards, Merino Drill/ Entry Boards, Merino Industrial Laminates Merino Prelaminated Boards .....


[Delhi, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Decorative Laminates, HPL [High Pressure Laminates], Industrial Laminates, Compact Lamiantes, Phenolic Laminates, Copper Clad Laminates, Insulation Laminates, Partition Laminates, Door Panel, Kitchen Cabinet......

Neo-Hy Laminates Pvt. Ltd.

[DELHI, India]
Manufaturers & Exporters of Single Side Laminates, Double Side Laminates (Compact Laminates). Decorating Design , Doors & Windows, Timber & Plank, Decorative Materials, Decorative Laminates, HPL, Industrial Laminates, Compact Lamiantes, Phenolic Laminates, Door Panel......


[Delhi, India]
Decorative Laminates, HPL [High Pressure Laminates], Compact Laminates, Industrial Laminates, Phenolic Laminates, Door Panel, Kitchen Cabinet manufactured & Exported by ISO-9002 certified Company from INDIA.....


[Delhi, India]
Manufacturers Of Laminates Of Two Types Single Side Laminates:- Furniture industry, Table Tops, Counter Tops (Cash Counters of Hotels and Theatres etc.) Double Side Laminates (Compact Laminates):-Kitchen Cabinets, Panelling, Bathroom Doors Door Panels Kitchen Panels Product Specification:- Performance standard confirms closely to America NEMA standards LD3 1985, European DIN Standards. B.S.S.....


[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of:- Decorative laminates Paper based Phenolic laminates Cotton fabric based Phenolic Laminates Paper/Cotton Phenolic Rods Copper Clad Laminates.....

Neo-Hy Laminates Pvt. Ltd.

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturing and exporting full range of kitchen laminates, decorative laminates, laminate shutters, high pressure laminates, Compact Laminates etc......


[Chandigarh, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of High Pressure Decorative Laminates - Post forming grades, Compact, Fire retardant, Industrial Laminates Paper Based, Industrial Laminates Fabric based, Phenolic Becker......

Neo-Hy Laminates Pvt. Ltd.

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter Decorative laminates, High Pressure laminates (HPL), Kitchen Shutters, Compact Laminates.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Decorative and Industrial Laminated Sheets.
Importers of Moulds and machineries
We can offer following size and finish in laminates.
Size: 2440mm x 1220mm
Finish: Glossy, Matt and Texture [0.5mm to 20 mm]
Size: 2800mm x 1300 mm
Finish: Glossy [1.3mm to 20 mm]
Our laminates are inspected and approved by internationally well known inspection agenci.....


[Mumbai, India]
We are Manufactures & Exporters of laminates/formica. Our Products are : Standard decoratives Post forming Compact Fire retardant Electric panel switchboard Industrial fabric & paperbased Marker boards Entry&Backer boards Prelaminated MDF Particle Board * Inductrial Laminates :- Phenolic Fabric Sheet .....


[Noida, India]
Manufacturer & Exporter Of Decorative And Industrial Laminates-Paper Base Bakelite (0.4mm to 50.0 mm) available in cold punching, P1, P2, P3, XXXPC Grades, Cotton Base Fabric Laminated Sheets, Copper Clad Laminates, Electrical Switch Board Sheets (Single/Both Side), Sunmica Sheets, For PCB's, Electrical Insulators, Fibre Gears, Furniture & Passenger Coach Furnishing use.....

Bllom Dekor Ltd

[Ahmedabad, India]
Manufacturers & exporters of High Pressure Decorative Laminates, Standard laminates, Cabinet Liners, Backing Sheets, Compact Laminates-cormel, Post Forming - postmel. .....

Pioneer laminates India

[Mumbai, India]
We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Decorative & Industrial Laminates. .....

Xiamen Ubest Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd

[China, China]
Export plywood, film faced plywood, MDF, particle board, chipboard, melamine board, veneer, multi laminar veneer, blockboard, etc Film Faced Plywood Melamine Flooring OSB board Multilaminar wood VENEER/WOOD HP LAMINATES Particle Board Wooden Furniture Decoration plywood Wooden/engineered floor Wooden door Laminated flooring MDF/HDF board Melamine board Integrated Timber .....

Furniture Exporters / Importers Directory(Laminates)

Millenium Laminates Pvt. Ltd.

[Ahmedabad, India]
Manufacturer and exporter of decorative and compact laminated sheets. Exquisite range of designs in wooden, marbles, abstracts, metallics & plain colors in various finishes like gloss, matt, texture, emboss etc. Laminate : -Solid Surface -Marble Laminates -Abstracts Stone Laminate -Pearl Stone Laminate -Natural Laminate -Metallic Laminate -Wooden Laminate -Compact Laminate -Backer She.....

Greenply Industries Limited

[New Delhi , India]
Greenply continues to be the brand of choice among commercial and residential architects and builders. Greenply is the only integrated manufacturer of plywoods, laminates, decorative veneers, and plyboards. Popular brands include Greenply Plywood, Green Club Premium Ply, Greenlam Laminates, Green Spectrumwood Veneers, Green Doors, Optima Red and Ecotec. Greenply has 34 branches across India wit.....

Ghanshyam traders

[kalol, India]
We are the manufacturer of Industrial Laminate Sheets. (Paper & Fabric based). Our Sheet sizes are 4' x 4' & 4' x 3'.4 x 2 fit We are making pcom P1 , P2 & P3 grade from paper & F3 & F2 from cotton fabric.Thickness available are 0.8 mm to 100.0mm colour of sheets-Browan, Red, Grey, Browan both Grey (paper based). Ghanshyam Traders is a well reckoned name in the field of Supplying wide array .....


[Nagarcoil, India]
Exporters of Timber, Plank & Plywood, Lumber, Hardwood, Logs, Veneer, Bamboo, Rattan products, Wood & Timber Floorings, Plywood Furniture, Wood laminates, Mdf board, Home Furniture, Antique Furniture, Commercial & Industrial Furniture, Office & School Furniture, Wood and Board......

Mehera Merchandise

[Burdwan, India]
Export Wooden Dolls, wooden idols , wooden jewellery boxes , wooden utensils , and wooden handicrafts, gift items, , crystal resin dolls, ashtray, metal idols, metal replica and picures made of straw, hand made greetings card , handicrafts made of buffalo horn ( within the country) packaging machines , plywwood and laminates , pet bottles , immitation jewellery .....

Benson Polymers Limted

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporters of adhesive, wood glue and wood lamination adhesive. Wood Adhesive: Handicraft Industry:- -used in mosiac tiles, ceramic wall pieces and pots. Furniture Industry:- -mica to board and wood-to-wood pasting application. Thermoforming:- -Excellent bonds on curved laminates and very successful on full rounds. Pencil and Matchbox Industry:- -The .....


[Ahmedabad, India]
We can provide wooden size, teak wood size, imported size,round logs,jungle wood,chill wood,pine wood, packing box,wooden box,block board, laminates, door skin, wooden doors,wooden windows, wooden frame,moulding patti, wooden pallets, wooden furniture, hard wood & packing wood......


[Dubai, United Arab Emirates]
Manufacturers and exporters of White Wood, Swan Timber, Hard Wood, Acrylic sheet, Laminated Sheets, Plywood, Mdf, PVC Vinyl Floorings, Metal Laminates, Wooden Cable Drums, Wooden Pallets, Packing Cases / Boxes, Logging and Saw Milling in Various sizes and Specification of Timber. Suppliers of Industrial Oilfield Equipment & Supplies, Air Compressors, Generators & Pumps, Audio-Visual Equipment, Ba.....

Xiamen Ubest Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd.

[XIAMEN, China]
Exporter of plywood, film faced plywood, MDF, particle board, chipboard, melamine Board, veneer, multi laminar veneer, blockboard. Our product range includes: -Plain Pine Plywood -Film Faced Plywood -Melamine Flooring -OSB board -multilaminar wood -VENEER/WOOD HP LAMINATES -Particle Board -Wooden Furniture -decoration plywood -wooden/engineered floor -wooden door -laminat.....

Patel Sales Corporation, Sengani & Co.

[New Delhi, India]
Merchant Exporters of - Timber & plywood, specially Burman teak logs, C.P. Teak, pine, white cedar wood, and also in national ply & formica laminates.....


[Durban, South Africa]
manufacturer of wood products, plywood and laminates......

Integral Internationals

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturers and exporters of decorative laminates, decorative mouldings, timber, plywood, wooden cabinets and kitchen cabinets......

Xiamen Ubest Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd.

Exporters Of Film Faced Plywood, Melamine Flooring, OSB board, multilaminar wood, VENEER/WOOD HP LAMINATES, Particle Board, Wooden Furniture, decoration plywood, wooden/engineered floor, wooden door, laminated flooring, MDF/HDF board, Melamine board, Integrated Timber, Fir Wainscot(wall board), Blockboard, Plywood......

N.K. Ahammed

[Chennai, India]
We are one of the leading trading house dealing in all kinds of Timber, Plywood, Hard Board, Block Board, Soft Board, Ceiling Tiles, Plain & Pre-Laminated Particle Board, Clay Tiles (Roofing, Weathering & Decorative), Paving Tiles (For Car Parking & Pathways), Fibre & Plastic Roofing Sheets, Asbestos Sheets, Lightroof Sheets, Adhesives Etc. We are also Direct Importers of Superior Quality Pre-L.....


[LUDHIANA., India]


[Ahmedabad, India]
Wood, teak wood , plywood, timber, laminates, flush door, ghana teak, burma teak, nigerian teak, steam beach, white beach, cp teak, plywood.....

The marono group of industries

[Gaziabad Hapur, India]
Exporters of Merinoflex, Merino Compact, Merino Fire Retardant, Merino Marker & Chalk Board, Merino Unicolour, Merino Drill / Entry Board, Merino Backer Board, Merino Deco Liner, Merino Electrostatic, Dissipative Laminates......

Shirdi Industries Limited.

[Mumbai, India]
Exporters of Plain & Pre-laminated Particle Board, Plain & Pre-laminated MDF Board, Decorative Laminates, Laminated Flooring, Doors & Door Skins, Furniture Components......


[bangalore, India]
SaadSons Specialise"s in high quality teak wood, hunsur teak, burma teak, Aus honner sal, and steam beachwood, red sal. Saadsons also Deals in Plywood nd Laminates..!.....

Indian Recaply Enterprises (p) Ltd

[Kolkata, India]
Dealing in primarily MDF , particle boards, pplywood , flush doors , laminates, adhesives , wood and other related items.....


[Mysore, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters of RTA Furniturers, Wooden Panels. RTA Furniturers:- - Chairs without arms - Chairs with arms - Sleek models chairs - Luxury Chairs - Centre/ End tables - Dining tables - Dining Tables-ND - Dining Tables with chairs - Dewans and Sofas Wooden Panels:- - Medium Density Fibreboard(MDF) - Particle Board - Commercial Phywood - F-Grade Phywood - MF-Grad.....


[DELHI, India]
Carpets, wooden laminates, wallpapers.....

TM Lab Systems

[Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates]
OUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES We offer a wide range of products and services. Using many different materials such as laminates, wood, stainless steel we can supply your laboratory needs for: Laboratory Workbenches Laboratory Work surfaces Laboratory Fume Hoods Laboratory Fume cabinets Laboratory Safety cabinets Laboratory Shelving Chemical Resistant Surfaces Laboratory Lighting Labor.....


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